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Hey there! I'm Janne.

I make websites and graphic design here in Central Finland. It may be that sometimes I slip into Savo's side as well. I like to deal with people who do things out of love for the sport and on the basis of good values.

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Janne Parri Web Design - Nettisivut ja Yritysilmeet
I believe that marketing can do good. But a sincere desire to help is the only way to reach the top.

My work is banacing

Artist or a nerd or salesman

I am a multi-purpose marketing man, but lately I've been more focused on websites. My career started with ads on Facebook and Google. Advertising and optimizing it is fun, but in the case of websites, my creativity is better off.

This is what I Do


The website is based on design and development. Whether you need help with one or both, I can help.

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Visual identity

The company's visual identity creates a first impression and communicates about you before any words.

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Don't worry, I'm not a professional salesman.
An avid designer at the most.