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What makes an awesome website?

Beautiful visuals

More often than not your customer gets the first impression from your website. That's why visuals, structure and images should be considered carefully.

Easy to use

Your site should be easy to use for your customers and you. You should be able to do changes to your site by yourself. That way your site can evolve and your business grow.

Visible on search engines

Search engine optimization involves many things. Two biggest things are the technical implementation and content. These things should be considered in the planning process. And you guessed it: Webflow makes this too easier.

Designed to sell

Every website has a goal. It can be a sale, a contact, or even displaying certain information. By carefully designing your pages, you will be able to guide users more smoothly to this goal. This is called conversion optimization.

Fast and responsive

Most visitors use your website on their phone. Therefore, the site needs to be responsive and light. If not, users will simply disappear and Google will not value your site.

User tracking

User tracking allows you to make  informed decisions. You no longer have to guess whether people like the writings or how they end up buying your products. This is even more important if you buy ads that direct people to your website.

Safe and secure

This is something you want to think before anything hits the fan. Webflow makes this easy. You can also up your game with things like two-factor authentication.

GDPR complient

Customer information passes through almost all websites. Therefore, you need to make sure that you handle them appropriately. Cookies and their banning are also essential for many companies.


The good websites are accessible to everyone. This means that the pages are designed and developed with different constraints in mind. Some organisations are forced to meet certain accessibility requirements. For everyone else, it’s just the right way to make a website.

Why Webflow then?

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It makes the maintanance easy and fun!

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Designer gets limitless possibilities

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Published site is ridiculously fast

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You won't lose your sleep over updates and conflicts

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You're not the only one who has noticed:

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When Webflow is not for you...

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You have a complex Wordpress implementation and there is no way you can escape that prison.

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You want to make your own site with no prior experience in one evening.

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You want to code everything from the ground up by yourself

Yep, I get it. Lets talk.

And who am I?

avaa sulje

Short story

Hi! My name is Janne. I am a digital craftsman with a marketing background. Nowadays my main job is to craft beautiful and useful website for my clients. After business hours I go running and of course relax with my family.

avaa sulje


Web designer, Entrepreneur
Janne Parri Oy

Chief of Marketing
Mysteeri Experience Oy

Social Media Account Manager
Suomen Digimarkkinointi Oy

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Service Desing (Master of Arts)
(Ongoing) – South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Vocational degree in Photography

2019 – Gradia

Bachelor of Business Administration
2016 – JAMK University of Applied Sciences

avaa sulje


SEMrush - Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Test (2021)
SEMrush - SEO Toolkit Exam (2021)
Google Ads Search Certification (2021)
Google Ads Display Certification (2021)
Google Ads Measurement Certification (2021)
FCC - Responsible Web Design (2020)
Hubspot Growth Driven Design (2019)
Hubspot Inbound (2019)
Hubspot Inbound Marketing (2019)
Hubspot Content Marketing (2019)
Hubspot Social Media Marketing (2019)

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Satisfaction guarantee

The results are not good enough? Then there will be no bill.

Yep, that's true. It is easy for me to give this guarantee. Firstly I like to hone the sites close to perfection. Secondly no one has ever been dissatisfied with the work.

Here are some frequently given answers!

Why are you so cheap?

You can say that I’m cheap compared to many advertising agencies and website workshops. I can keep my prices reasonable because I work alone from a small town in Finland. I don’t have to pay salaries to salespeople or administration or rent an fancy office.

Another significant factor is Webflow. It enables rapid development without demanding technical construction. I wouldn't be an entrepreneur if Wordpress was the only choice for websites.

Why are you so expencive

Someone will always do these thins cheaper. When you choose a cheaper alternative the following things might follow. Your site is built on a template. Your future needs are not considered. You end up paying for every single brick. You might not even meet the dude whose building your site.

I price my service so that I can carefully craft a site that fits your needs. This means I have at most two projects underway at the same time. I can also tackle the challenges along the way without asking for an extra price. In addition to these, I make sure that your website comes with thoughtful content that leads towards the goal.

The end result is a website that really boost your sales and pleases the eye.

Can you make "boring" sites?

Well yeah kind of, but why would you want boring website. For example, if you want credibility, we can do it without boredom.

Do you make Wordpress sites?

No. If you see me doing that, someone has drugged me or threatens to kill me. I know my own skills and those are not a good fit with wordpress.

Why do you talk about Webflow so much?

I’ve tried other platforms and I don’t understand why people still use software like wordpress. So it’s time to learn a better way to make websites.

Can I change back if I don't like webflow?

I slightly doubt that you would like to go back. If you ever want to change platforms, you can easily get the content out of Webflow. In fact, you can export the entire code and host your page on your own server.

What are the weaknesses of Webflow?

Webflow weaknesses are largely individual missing features.

For example, it does not support the new generation of image formats (yet). By default, the blog does not have the ability to comment. E-commerce function is beautiful, but Finnish online banks are not available as payment methods. Multilingual pages must be created with third-party software (as with all other platforms).

There are good solutions for these things. They might cost you money but they save you time. If you are serious about e-commerce, blog commenting or multilingual sites, you will be better of with a dedicated software.

Ok, the e-commerce thing. I'm confident that Webflow  e-commerce will get to a point where it's the obvious choice.

Can I make an e-commerce store with webflow?

Yes. The e-commerce function is beautiful. You will build a store much the same way as other dynamic content in Webflow.

Will my old content move to the new site?

Of course. You can easily get articles out of Wordpress. In webflow, information can be easily imported. The only inconvenience comes if your old site cannot export resources.

How long does it take to make a site?

A week, a month or two. If I make the site carefully with the groundwork, it will usually take about two months. If you have accurate drawings of your pages and images and text in the cloud, I will have about a week to set up the site.

The design stage is where exceptional sites are made. In other words, a good website cannot be made without thorough planning.

What your process?

All website projects include design, development and publication stages. The length of these stages varies.

I start the website project as follows. We will first meet and discuss your needs, after which I will send you an offer.

The project itself starts with a kick-off meeting. From there, we go through your business, your customers and your preferences. These things allow us to test different styles with some basis. Once the style has been tested, we get to design the actual site.

Construction of the site will not begin until the design is complete. At this point, the layout and content should be ready. Development ends with tests and publication of your site.

Can I edit my site?

Yes you can. Webflow makes this easy. If you are able to use email your able to make changes to your website. I will also teach you the basics of webflow and how to do the relevant things in your website.

What if I don't like the look of my new site?

Careful groundwork will prevent this situation. I won't go to a creative cottage and show up after three months with the finished site. I use tools that keep you in the loop. At every stage of the process, we make sure the project moves in the right direction.

If for some reason you still do not like the site (this has never happened), the website also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are there any added fees on top of your quote?

No. When I send you my offer you will see how much my work costs and what are the software costs.

My work has a fixed price that is tied to the features. It means that if the features stay the same so does the price.

In addition to my work, you will have to pay for Webflow (about 180 € / year) and domain (about 15 € / year). You may also need a program that manages the language versions of your pages. I always specify these costs in the offer.

There will be no other maintenance costs. Webflow is a great platform because it stays up to date and upright without having to adjust it regularly.

How about the maintenance fees?

You don’t have to send money to me every month. The only ongoing costs come from Webflow's subscription (approximately € 180 / year) and domain (approximately € 15 / year). In addition, some advanced features require their own software, but they are specified in the offer.

How do I pay?

Payment is made in two parts. I'll send the first invoice when the contract is signed and the second before the site is published. I prefer to send the invoices as an e-invoice, but other ways will work too.

Can I add content to my site?

Absolutely. At the beginning of the project, we go through the most common things you want to edit or add to your site. This is how we make your daily life easy. In addition, you get a video instructions made by me that allows you to make even completely new custom pages.

Will I be able to learn Webflow?

Yes. Each project includes a training session and video instructions. In addition, Webflow is easy to use. It has two sides, one of which (Editor) is easier to use than Facebook. From there, you can edit text and images very easily. The harder side is called the designer, and you can learn it too.

Do you have time to answer my questions?

Yes. Actually, I may have already answered your questions. When I make a website for you I'll add you to a video library. There, I have answered all the most common questions my clients have asked. Therefore, if you come up with a whole new question, I will have plenty of time to answer it.

How experienced are you?

I made my first page in 2016. I started with Wordpress and was very excited. It was followed by several WP pages and painful hours. My day job was still for some time in advertising and marketing.

When I worked at Mysteeri Experience I really got to hone my skills. The website maintenance and optimization was my responsibility. We had six locations, an online store and dozens of important subpages. In addition to building pages, I did conversion optimization, search engine optimization, and content production.

I would have focused on websites much earlier if I had found Webflow sooner. I was thinking of starting a Wordpress business, but I didn’t want to loose my cool daily. Now, about five years later, I can happily focus on designing a stunning online experience with Webflow.

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